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It can be difficult to find pseudo-incest titles on Amazon and the other providers these days, as they have filtered and hid much of the naughtiest erotica on the market. By staying up to date with my site, you won't miss any future releases featuring step-daddies, step-daughters, and step-siblings (Yes, I have much more "cumming" soon) ;)

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All of Daddy's Bad Girls Together in One Collection

My newest collection is by far the hottest one I have released!

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This bundle features three sexy stories that will leave you wishing you had a "Daddy's Girl" of your own. Check out the three previously-released stories included in this collection...

Daddy's Anal Princess 

19 year old Erin is home on holiday break when she overhears her parents arguing late one night. The conversation is apparently about her step-father's taste in anal sex and strip bars, and how repulsed her mother is by both. Fortunately for her step-father, Erin is a daddy's girl and wants to make him happy. She doesn't mind getting it from behind, and as soon as her mom goes out of town, Erin shows her step-dad just how much fun he could be having with her. 

Daddy's Oral Angel

While her mom was married to Shawn, 18 year old Natalie developed a huge crush on the hot firefighter. The marriage didn’t last more than a year, and then Shawn moved a few hours away for work. A year later, Shawn returns for a funeral, and Natalie sees him in town while having ice cream with her friends. Deciding this could be the last time she may ever see him, she can no longer stifle her desire. Will her former stepfather turn her away...or allow her to climb into his bed? 

Daddy's Lil Stripper 

Megan is a 21 year old college dropout forced to move back in with her parents. When she catches a glimpse of her step-father, Jeff, naked, she knows she has to get out of there quick so she will stop thinking about him. Luckily, Megan lands a job at a local strip club, thanks to an old high school friend. The first night on the job, however, Megan walks onto the stage and stares right into the eyes of her mom’s husband, Jeff. When her step-father buys a private session, the two cross into a land of forbidden desire and fun.

All in all, this collection contains over 12,000 words of steamy sex featuring a number of sexual themes, including masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, menage (threesome), and more - all between consenting adults over the age of 18! Mature audiences only!!

Lydia the Housewife Gets It On with the Neighbor

The second installment of my Nympho Neighbors collection has been released!

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Lydia, the former lingerie model turned under-desired housewife, keeps a garden in the backyard. One day, Lydia twists her ankle after tripping on a rock in the garden. Her neighbor, Paul, comes to her rescue, carrying her back in the house. Things heat up when her neighbor tends to more than just her ankle...

Neighbors Can Be Very Naughty...

I have decided to start a new collection, Nympho Neighbors. These stories will all be about just how naughty those living on the same block can be!

The first story is live...

Sunbathing is 18 year old Nikki’s number one priority for the summer. She doesn’t want to go to the beach the week before starting college looking white as a ghost. Her neighbor, Mr. Masters, offers to let her lounge by his pool to soak up the rays. What she doesn’t know, is that Mr. Masters comes home on his lunch break to secretly watch her tan topless. What will happen when she catches the older man gawking at her from his kitchen window?